Sound Devices 688 12-Input/16-track Mixer/Recorder & Accessories
Sound Devices Mixpre-6 6-Input/8-track recorder + HW SD1 hirose power adapter

Sennheiser MKH50+MKH30 MS Couple & Cinela Zephyx MKH-MS Windshield
Sennheiser MKH406T cardioïd condenser microphone with 12T to 48V adapter
AKG SE300B+CK91 cardioïd Stereo Couple

Aquarian Audio H2a XLR Hydrophone, 15m cable
Lom Elektrolusch 3+ Stereo Electromagnetic Sensor with line Output
Lom Priezor Passive Electromagnetic Sensor (pair) with microphone Output
Soma Ether broadband Radio receiver with line Output
Jez Riley French contact Microphones (pair) with Impedance adapters

Ambient ACN-TL Tiny Lockit timecode generator & Accessories
Ambient ACN-NLD Nano Lockit timecode generator & Accessories

Ambient QXS580 (80-330cm) & QX550 (50-195cm) Boompoles

Kortwich Bag, NP1 battery kit and battery cup
Beyerdynamic DT250 with integrated passive limiter
Beyerdynamic DT250

Fostex FR-2 2ch 192kHz Compactflash recorder & Timecode card
Zoom H2n 4ch pocket recorder
Roland R-09HR pocket recorder
Rf Explorer WSUB1G UHF Spectrum Analyzer

Post Production

Windows 7 based Professionnal Audio Workstation
RME Fireface UC 36ch 24bit/192kHz USB Audio Interface
Avid Artist Mix Eucon 8 fader controller
Neumann KH310a (L-R)

Electronic and virtual tools

Clavia Nord Rack 2X Virtual Analog Synthesizer with 20 voices
Elektron Monomachine SFX60-MKII 16x4 Step Sequencer with 6ch Variable Synthesis system
Roland SH-101
Korg Kaoss Pad 3 Touch Screen Multi Effect & Sampler
Yamaha PSS-580
Axoloti Core + Music Thing AxoControl PCB (DSP harware patcher)
Native Instruments Reaktor 6 Modular DSP Lab
Fruity Loops producer edition
GRM Tools Classic Bundle
GRM Tools Evolution Bundle
Fabfilter Mixing Bundle
TC electronic M300
Yamaha SPX90-II